Escalators, Planes, & Automobiles

Halmoni left for South Korea over Thanksgiving weekend and we miss her bunches.  Luckily we snapped a whole lot of pictures at the airport to look at until she returns just after Christmas.
Ellington loved the airport!  Mainly because she was so excited to have so much space to walk around, but a pretty major part was due to the fact that she discovered an escalator.
She (very enthusiastically) tried several times to get Halmoni to take her closer to the mysterious moving stairs, but in the end I was the one that was assigned this task.  Down the stairs.  Up the escalator. Down the stairs.  Up the escalator. Down the stairs.  Up the escalator. You get the picture.
Ellington misses her Halmoni, but we know that she will be back soon (with lots of goodies, I'm sure).