Escalators and Sing and Teddy Bears...

Oh my?
This weekend we went to Founder's Hall in Charlotte to see the singing bears.  Ellington loves music, so we thought that she would enjoy the combination of music and teddy bears.  Apparently, this event goes on every December.  Ellington was not very impressed by the bears, but she loved the music and watching all of the other people walk around.
The big excitement of the day (for her anyway) was the escalator.  Although she doesn't appeared to be overjoyed in this picture, I promise you that this was her favorite part of the day.  She would have gone up and done those moving stairs all day if we let her.

On a completely unrelated note...
...I fell in love with this chair at Founder's hall.  The look of it really isn't my style, but it's a real winner in the comfy-cozy department.  Once I sat down, I just wanted John to continue on to the the singing bears and let me relax for a bit.  Do you think they would notice if one went missing?  I bet it would be a bit suspicious if I was carrying this thing around the streets of downtown Charlotte.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!