Ellington Meets Santa!

We took Ellington to see Santa at the mall (which just isn't the same as waiting in line a BlackHawk Hardware - you know what I'm talking about Charlotte peeps).  She loved it!  She was a little skeptical at first, but then was all smiles when the camera started flashing.  And, of course, she had to make sure that this man that calls himself Santa wasn't a fake. :)

Okay, I know that the trend nowadays is to not lie to your kid about Santa and some parents are just doing away with the whole Santa thing altogether...  I'm not one of those parents.  I love everything about Christmas.  Santa, caroling, decorating, stockings, the tree, family meals, traditions, nativity scenes, reading stories, everything!

My absolute favorite part is that moment right before you run downstairs to see what this magical Santa delivered overnight... waiting at the top of the stairs trying to imagine what awaited you at the bottom.  At the same time 'gently' encouraging your way-too-tired-parents-because-they-are-really-Santa to wake up and hurry down the steps.  I love it all, but mostly it's the imagination part that gets me excited.

I still feel like a child around Christmas time which has been odd as I am preparing to create a lifetime of Christmas memories for my little one.  My husband will say that I still believe in Santa and that would be true.  After all, Santa can't bring you any gifts if you don't believe in him. :)  hahaha.  I cannot wait to see the joy and excitement in my little girl's eyes and read her numerous Christmas stories for many many years to come.