Mommy Needs Coffee!... & a Passion

After a very interesting coffee cupping this weekend, I have learned 2 things.  One -  I am not much of a coffee drinker without the cream and sugar.  Two - I really want to find a hobby that I am passionate about...
You see, we toured the factory and the guy in charge was just so passionate about making coffee.  I wanted to go out and buy 100 bags of his coffee right then.  The way he described how the business was started and even his description of how they roasted the coffee beans was so inspirational... You could tell that he really cared about every detail of the business.

It got me thinking... what is my passion?  I have always believed in the saying 'Love what you do and do what you love'.  The problem is, I don't know what I love.  So, my new goal for the next year or so is to find something I love and figure out how to make it into a job. :)