When Pigs Fly

I apologize for the awful pictures... some day I will actually learn how to use this fancy camera.  Anywho, I finally did something to our entryway.  Now, it actually looks like somebody has lived here for more than a few weeks.  I can't promise that anything looks complete beyond the foyer, but that's life with a baby for ya.
This was just a quick fix, I hung a series of pictures from our wedding and honeymoon in South Korea.  I even made some DIY artwork.
The Art HeartWork was inspired by several pinterest finds and I LOVE it! Is was super simple too... just just use fabric for the background and cut hearts from map printouts.  I use Seoul - South Korea (where John was born), Raleigh - NC(Where I was born), Charlotte - NC (Where we met), Birmingham - AL (Where we 1st lived), and Durham - NC (Where we live now).  The word art is actually from our 1st dance song.  I love it!
This little area is definitely not finished, but I had to share the little DIY art and, of course, this little guy!  He makes me smile when I pass him on the way to the coffee pot each morning.  I thought about taking a can of spray paint to him, but I have decided that I like him just the way he is right now.

Have you made a simple change that pulled a room together lately?  Have you not put a single thing on the walls yet (even though you have lived in a space for nearly 8 months)?  I am certainly guilty of the latter.

Have a great weekend y'all!