Weekend Activities

Most people are looking for a little Halloween fun this weekend, but I have a little something different in mind.  Sure, I will probably look into attending a Halloween festival and I am definitely planning to find a pumpkin patch for a little photoshoot with the little one, but I need some adult activities too.

I found an awesome little outing that I will be attending with my friend, Kristen (Yay! Cue the happy dance Music).  She is big into Coffee!  I mean the girl can down 2 cups of coffee before her feet even touch the floor in the morning.  No joke... she has her keurig set up on her nightstand.  Well, I hope she will be as excited as I am about the 'coffee cupping' at Counter Culture Coffee.  What is 'coffee cupping', you ask?  It's a fancy way of saying you are going to a coffee tasting.

When:  Every Friday @ 10am
Where:  Counter Culture Roastery - 4911 South Alston Avenue, Durham, NC
What to Expect:  A coffee tasting cupping and then a free guided tour of the roastery and headquarters. 

Another event that I would absolutely love to attend this weekend is the Food Truck Rodeo.  Food trucks are a huge trend right now.  They have come a long way from the hot dog stand outside of the bar at 2 am.  Out of the list of 27 participating food trucks, I am most excited about the Korean BBQ truck (BulKogi Korean BBQ found here on Twitter).  I am so excited!
Details:  Food Truck Rodeo
When:  October 30th (Sunday) 4pm-8pm
Where:  Durham Central Park
What to Expect:  27 food trucks at your service, music , and even a climbing wall!  Come hungry and leave happy. :)

Great coffee, great food, a great friend... this is going to be a great weekend!  Oh, and it's my birthday (on Friday) too!  I can't wait to start the weekend festivities! :)