War and Rubber Ducks

This Saturday we made it out to a fabulous free event at Bennett Place.  Ellington was a bit too young to enjoy most of the activities, but we did find a few age appropriate things to do.

Other than dancing to the music, her favorite part of the event was the wagon ride.  In fact, she was very adamant that we ride on the wagon twice and, of course, I allowed it.  She was mesmerized by the horses.  I tried to point out buildings and people in civil war attire along the ride, but she would not take her eyes off of those two horse for even a second.
I was a big fan of the cannon, but Ellington could have done without it.  She didn't really mind the loud noise it produced.  She was just annoyed that I insisted on covering her ears whenever it was fired.

In other weekend news, last weekend we went to the Duck Festival at the American Tobacco campus in Durham.  It was amazing and we will definitely be attending next year!
Ellington fell in love with her rubber duck and carried it around in her mouth for most of the morning.  Thank goodness we had Aunt AMY (Her God-mother) to help us out all day.
Ellington even entered in a Baby Crawling Race.  She trained hard, but she got a little nervous as the race began.  Then, she became enamoured with the guy holding the microphone.  She didn't win (or even finish), but she gets an 'A' for effort. :)
They also had an incredible array of animals to look at (& Pet).  My favorite was the little mini-pig, but I think Ellington liked the Cockatoo the most.  The Cockatoo even sang 'Old McDonald' - you are always a winner with a good song in Ellington's book.