Thursday Thanksgivings

One of my resolutions (mentioned here) is to write more thank you notes to let those around me know how much I appreciate them.  Every Thursday I will post a list of who I thanked that week to keep myself from adding this task to my ever increasing list of 'I'll do it tomorrow'.

On the list this week:
Oct. 1 - FiberOne

What?  I can't be thankful for a granola bar?  I just thought this company deserved a little 'thank you' for making an extremely delicious fiber bar.  I have to admit that I ate an entire box in one week... by myself.  I am not very good at sharing tasty treats.

Oct. 2 - Anne Flint
Isn't this painting gorgeous?!  There are actually two of them that are now happily living in my living room.  One of my mom's amazing friends is lending them to our home for a little while.  Anybody else need us to 'store' their items in our home?  We would be happy to take any art / furniture off your hands or just borrow them until you know where they will live.  :)
Oct. 3 - Jessi Connolly
This amazing woman has encouraged me to be a better blogger and write like I am writing to my best friend (even if my mom is the only one reading).  Jessi writes for Naptime Diaries and has her hands in tons of other projects like her Etsy shop.
Oct. 4 - Melissa
Melissa is a sweet Durham friend who has a 'Mommy Group' in her home every week.  Some weeks, I don't know what I would do without these weekly visits that keep me semi-sane.  She is a blessing!
Oct. 5 - NoseFrida
As if I wasn't weird enough for thanking a fiber bar... The NoseFrida is a baby snot sucker.  I know, it sounds disgusting!  However, this little thing allowed me to sleep more than 2 hours at a time last night.  It's amazing & no, you don't actually suck out the snot (there's a filter).  This gadget works so much better than the bulbs to help clear out the noses of congested little ones!!  It has earned a place on my medicine shelf - right next to my Neti Pot.
Chock full o'Nuts Original - 26 oz
Oct. 6 - Chock full o' Nuts
Last, but certainly not least is coffee!  This week (thanks to coupons & a sale ) Chock Full o' Nuts helps me wake up each morning.  I don't know how I could have survived this week with a sick baby and many sleepless nights without this tasty bean.  I just might be addicted. :-/

Who or what are you thankful for this week?  Do you think I am a super weirdo for using and thanking NoseFrida?  Are there any items that you couldn't live without this week... like COFFEE?