Many Many Thanks

I missed last weeks post on who (or what) I was thankful for that week, so this will probably be a longer than normal post on the ol' blog... feel free to skip this one & come back tomorrow for something more interesting.

If I still have your attention, thanks for hanging in there.  This series is just a reminder to me to tell people how much I appreciate them.  You know... actually write them a thank you note & not just think about it (only to forget to follow through later because that's what happens when you're trying to keep a 8th month old from eating the dog food).  So without further ado, here are my 'thanks' for the last 2 weeks:
October 7th - Steve Jobs.  Do I really need to say why?
October 8th - Bennett Place.  We had so much fun there & it was all FREE!
October 9th - Pinterest.  It's one of those 'Why didn't I think of that?' ideas.
October 10th - Giselle.  A wonderful woman, sweet friend, & gracious host.
October 11th - Arrowroot Cookies.  They may be messy, but Elli loves them!
October 12th - Leslie.  If it weren't for this sweet girl, I would probably still be stuck in the house having conversations with an 8 month old.
October 13th - My mom.  Such a loving grandmother & a big help.
October 14th - My sister, Carney.  I don't even know why we brought the stroller to the fair... Carney held Ellington the entire time.
October 15th - My sister-in-law, Esther.  The only thing better than the free state fair tickets that she got us is if she was able to come with us.
October 16th - Rachel.  She is always so full of optimism & encouragement.
October 17th - Semi-Homemade Cooking by Sandra Lee.  Love her cookbooks & Love that everything is so easy to make.
October 18th - My cousin, Abbey.  She makes cooking look so easy!
October 19th - The Daily Show.  Laughter really is the best medicine. :)
October 20th - Whoopi Goldberg?  Yep.  She says what everyone else is thinking, but too afraid to say out loud.  Love her!