I Should be Cleaning, but...

I'm spending another 'Quiet Time' glued to the computer screen.  I should be washing the dishes and vacuuming the playroom, but I am knee deep in blog redesigns and word art printables instead.  I just can't help myself.

I love a good distraction, so let me know if you need some free design work done.  I can't promise that it will look crisp and professional, but it's free!

Here are a few designs that I have been working on (most are inspired by or copied from Pinterest finds):
Fig Preserve Labels 
(I made these for my sister's engagement party, but we never used them)

Word Art
(Malone - Don't look at this... it may or may not be a gift for you)

PS.  If you didn't know already, we don't have 'naptime' in this house (unless you count falling asleep in the car).  Ellington refuses to sleep, so I usually just put her in her crib or let her hang out in baby jail the playroom while I am spending my 'quiet time' close by cleaning / cooking / procrastinating.