A Cow Goes Mooooo!

So we didn't make it out to the Book Sale this weekend, but we did take a little trip to the NC State Fair!
By far, Ellington's favorite part about the fair was visiting with all of the animals.  Do we have a future farmer on our hands?
Maybe not.  All of this animal watching really tires a girl out.  I really wanted to go on a few rides, but the lines were ridiculously long and I was the only one feeling brave enough to test out the sketchy carnival rides.  There's always next year.  At least we got a pretty good family picture in front of a ride. :)
Ellington somehow got a second burst of energy and was ready to take on the petting zoo with Grandma & Aunt Carney (or 'Aaaah' as Elli likes to call her).
She couldn't quite figure out what was going on here & I'm not sure that she knew what these strange animals were.  All she sees at home is a little devil dog and maybe an occasional squirrel or bird.
This camel looked like it was up to no good...
 ...Turns out he just wanted a little smooch from a cute baby.

I just realized that I didn't get any good pictures of Elli & Carney.  :(  Maybe we can recreate this little photoshoot on Thursday (the fair is free if you bring food to donate)?