An Unintentional Leave of Absence

After neglecting this little corner of my life, I checked in this morning to see that I haven't posted a new blog entry in nearly a month?!  I have no excuses.  I guess I have just been enjoying life with a crawling baby.  Plus, NO napping = little time to type up a new post.  Okay, I have a few excuses...

I have tons of things to update (ie. 4 weeks of weekly Ellington photos to edit).    In the mean time, I have fallen in love with another inanimate object that does nothing to add to my home decor.
That's right...  A baby gate has changed my life!  After making the decision to purchase one for Ellington's playroom, I eagerly waited for it to arrive at our front door.
This was our temporary solution to keep the little one in her playroom and out of the dog bowls while I prepared dinner.  Loading the dishwasher is also a lot easier to do when you don't have an nonproductive little helper at your heels.  Unfortunately, this solution only lasted a day and a half.
Silly me.  I thought I could trick Ellington 'The Energizer Bunny' into staying put.  Thankfully, we now have the baby gate.  I am pretty confidant that she won't be able to escape now.