What the Fig?!

A few weeks ago my sister gave me some figs from her boyfriend's backyard. Sounds delicious, right? I mean, I love fig newtons... no? That doesn't count? Okay, I had no clue what to do with figs.

With a quick google search, I got tons of recipes. Yay! Then, I realized that I don't have half of the other ingredients I needed to create each dish. Boo! Who has a leg of lamb in their fridge anyway? & what in the heck is creme de cassis? I guess I need to gain some experience in the kitchen. :)

I stumbled upon the website supercook.com and I have fallen in love with it! You add ingredients that you already have in your kitchen and it tells you what recipes you can make. Even if you don't have everything you need, the website lists the ingredients you would need to complete each recipe. Easy to use and super easy to put dinner together with this website.

Anywho, I found a simple recipe for making Lemon Fig Chicken. All I did was add equal parts of water, white vinegar, and brown sugar to lemon slices and figs.
Pop it in the oven with chicken on top & viola!
A wonderful dinner in no time at all. It was eaten by all. I tried to pretend like I made the recipe, but the hubby saw straight through that one.
I am very hopeful that I will eventually be able to do this whole cooking thing on my own. Someday.