Beach Trip :)

We are still on vacation, but I wanted to go ahead and post a few pictures from yesterday's beach outing. Ellington loved the beach! She slept for almost 2 hours in her protective sun tent with the noise of the ocean in the background and she had lots of fun trying to shove fists full of sand in her mouth. The ocean was not so much her thing. She was terrified of that vast body of moving water at first, but they quickly became friends. Enjoy a few of the paparazzi photos courtesy of Louise.

Ellington was thrilled to be at the beach and hang out with the girls.
Then I had the audacity to try and make her play in the water. She was not to happy or trusting of me after that request.
She eventually got comfortable enough to touch the water (while clutching on to me as tightly as she was able).
Ellington liked it much better on the sand with the ocean way far away!
I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer!