1% Changes - Review

After 6 whole weeks of sticking to these 1% changes, I thought I'd give myself a break and just re-exam all of the new changes in our lives.

Week #1 - NO EXTRA SALT. Just a minor change, but I am positive that this will be a good thing when it comes to my health. Surprisingly, no salt on my eggs has not been bothersome. No salt on grits & oatmeal is a different story... not recommended.

Week #2 - NO CHEESE! This one has been a bit more difficult, but I have found that the only time that I really miss cheese is on hamburgers and maybe on a sandwich. I am sure that I will be wanting to revisit this change went winter and warm potato soup comes around.

Week #3 - PORTION CONTROL. Okay, so this has been very very hard. Mainly because I have nobody hovering over me and say "Don't you dare eat one more cookie". I am having a bit of a hard time staying true to this change.

Week #4 - RED MEAT ONCE A WEEK. Not very hard. I just buy more chicken at the grocery store and eat red meat on our weekly date night.

Week #5 - LIMIT THE SODA. At first, I missed the taste of Diet Coke. Now, I just miss the bubbles. I still order a DC when we are out to eat, but I have not bought any sodas to bring home yet. I hope I am well on my way to recovery.

Week #6 - NO SECONDS. Very easy for me, not so much for the hubby.