After a wonderful weekend in Charlotte to celebrate Mrs. Yi's birthday, we are now trying to regroup and unpack. Going back home is fun and exhausting because I have to keep up with Ellington's busy visitor schedule. We saw almost everyone that we wanted to see and we even had time for a little photoshoot with Aunt Karl Malone.

A few updates:

*Kogi has no more ticks (see this post)! Yay! & we have a visit with the vet later this week & a visit to the groomer. I am excited, but I haven't told him yet because I am positive that he would protest if he knew where we were going.

*I made the Chicken Marsala AGAIN for the birthday celebration and it was a big hit!

*Couponing (see this post) at Harris Teeter this week was a semi-success. It was Triple Coupon Week (ends on Wednesday)! We only have 1 HT, so thing tend to disappear quickly.

*Ellington is off the waitlist at 2 schools... now I just need a J-O-B! Any takers?