My New Obsession... COUPONING!

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to couponing. :) I never thought that I would be one of those crazy couponing ladies, but that is slowly becoming my reality. The thrill I get when I walk away from the grocery store with FREE stuff makes me want to run and tell everyone I know how much I saved!

I like to do my shopping at night because there are no crowds and I can take my time. Coupons in hand, I love to roam the isles in search of the best deal of the day. Part of my weekly routine involves checking Souther Savers for the best deals of the week. It's a super easy to understand website that matches up coupons to the deals in each store. (sigh) I'm in love!

John hates to shop with me now because I can take up to 2 hours and I don't let him get anything unless it's on sale. A few weeks ago, I got two jars of salsa for a ridiculously low price. When I got home from shopping, John asked where the chips were to eat with the salsa.... duh! They weren't on sale silly. Fortunately for him, I got the chips for free the next week.

I blame my mom and my grandfather for creating this addiction. My mom because she first introduced me to Southern Savers and my grandfather because he did this for most of his life without the internet (it's a hereditary addiction). He was definitely the crazy coupon man. He always had several shoe boxes filled with coupons and a stockpile of laundry detergent that he had previously gotten on sale. As a poor college student, I lovingly referred to his house as the grocery store. Rumor has it that he hoarded household good deals to lure his grandchildren to the house for free stuff. He knew that we could resist a visit with him with the added bonus of FREE stuff.