I'm the One In Charge Here! Right?

Lately, my husband has been asking if we should let Ellington sleep in her crib at night. Most of the time I pretend like I don't hear him because I'm not ready yet. She is probably ready, but it will be hard and I don't like hard (said in one of those annoying whiny voices). All of the books make it sound so simple. Just put her in bed and let her cry a little until she falls asleep... cry? Her little cry breaks my heart every time. I always have to scoop her up and comfort her.
I got a little courage today to put her to sleep in her crib for her morning nap. I kept telling Ellington "I am the Mommy! I am in charge! You WILL nap in your crib today! Mommy needs to clean the house, so you need to sleep by yourself for a while." To my surprise, it was incredibly easy! She fell asleep in my arms, so I gently lifted her over the crib railing and placed her on the mattress. Holding my breath, I slowly backed out of her room. I did it! Bring on the celebratory dance (quietly, of course). I was so proud of myself that I even texted the hubby to brag about my awesome mommy skills.

Unfortunately, the silence only lasted about 20 minutes. sigh. She woke up in a panic and wouldn't stop crying until I pick her up. My heart broke a little and I just couldn't put her back in her crib after she settled down. It was too hard! She ended up sleeping another hour and a half in my arms.

If it were up to me she would sleep in my arms forever, but she is getting heavy and my mom muscles (a term I learned for Charlotte Smarty Pants) are weak. Advice needed! How did you put your baby to sleep in the crib for the first time? Or are you one of those supermoms who put their baby to sleep in the crib since birth? And do you talk to your baby in third person too?