1% Changes - Week One

On my quest to get my body back, I have decided that I need to finally make a change in my diet for good (& because I do all of the grocery shopping, John's diet will change too). I have tried this in the past and failed miserably, so I am going to commit to one small change a week (1% change)

After reading the fantastic idea that Jessi over at Naptime Diaries had, I am excited and more optimistic about finally changing for good. I have even planned out what 'change' will occur for the next 8 weeks & more ideas are flooding in as I type this.

I am starting the lifestyle changes very small because I already have so many unhealthy things in the pantry/fridge & I just can't bring myself to throw food away before it's expiration date. Maybe I am just making excuses because I want a couple more weeks with my oh-so-yummy-but-oh-so-unhealthy foods.

This week's 1% change: NO EXTRA SALT! I almost slipped up this morning while fixing my eggs for breakfast. I reach over for the salt & pepper, but I resisted the urge to sprinkle the salt shaker.

PS. Who decided that we needed a heat wave? 94 degrees in Spring?! Really?!