Yay! My Momma is Here! :)

My mom is on her spring break (can non-teacher people get one too please?), so I've made a list of things to do while she's here:

1. take Ellington's week 10 picture (a day late, so grandma can be here)
2. go thrifting
3. complete basket liners
4. complete a few sewing projects - pillow & fort kits
5. grocery shopping with tons of coupons :)
6. a visit to a natural play space
7. to the mall for Elli's dress
8. Grandma time for E while I do some much needed cleaning

If we don't get anything accomplished, it will be perfectly fine with me. We are just so excited that is coming to visit! We don't have a name for Ellington to call my mom yet... any suggestions?