Spring Wish List

We were fortunate enough to have all of Ellington's clothes given to us as gifts. After hearing that we were having a little girl, an incredibly generous family gave us all of the clothes left over from their 2 girls (plus a fantastic crib and several toys). John is especially thankful that I have no real reason to go shopping for clothes. So instead of buying clothes at the mall on Saturday, we went window shopping to get out of the house for a bit and saw the most adorable little girl clothes that I have ever seen.

Can I divulge a little secret?... I was tempted to ask the saleswoman if they made adult versions of some of the clothes. They were just too cute. If we had to buy Elli a spring wardrobe (or if we had lots of disposable income), this is what I would buy:

Seriously, how sweet are these clothes. They happen to all live at the Baby Gap, but I saw cute clothes in every store we walked through. I especially love the ivory colored dress with the little fabric flowers on the strap. And while I am not a huge fan of babies wearing jeans, I just couldn't resist adding those adorable dark wash skinny jeans. Now where can I find the adult versions of these outfits?

Happy (window) shopping!