'Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh, the Baby!'

I was planning to blog about my adventures in the kitchen last week, but then Saturday happened. This weekend was just a little bit too eventful for my taste. I was prepared for a pretty adventurous weekend (by adventurous, I mean we were planning to travel to Winston-Salem with the baby). We loaded everyone in the car and headed to Winston on Saturday to eat lunch with John's former boss from Wake Forest. Everything was going smoothly until we hit Greensboro and a horrible storm. The rain was coming down so hard at one point that we could not see out of the windshield at all. We were almost to Winston and out of the storm's path when our car suddenly hydroplaned, sliding across four lanes of traffic and slamming us head on into the concrete median.

Let me start by saying that we are all okay (not sure about the car yet, but it looks promising). I don't really remember sliding across the road, but John tells me that the entire time I was saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, the baby!". It's funny how our concerns change during an emergency when there is a little one around. I just remember the brief moment before the impact. Everything was in slow motion and I had a second to think to myself 'I can't believe that we just slid across four lanes of traffic and didn't hit anything'. At that moment, time sped up again and we hit the median. I immediately climbed in the back seat to check on my baby girl who slept through the whole ordeal. :) Everyone was okay. Then the tears came as I had to dial 911 for the first time ever and thoughts came rushing in of the 'what ifs'.

We are incredibly thankful that it wasn't worse. I think that my husband finally excepts the fact that it was a freak accident and stopped blaming himself. After getting back home and watching the reports of tornadoes, property damage, and lives lost, we were so thankful that everyone was okay in our little family.

Our Saturday was very scary and I thought I would burst into tears again when I saw the damage done to our car. In my head, the accident was horrible and I was sure that our car was damaged beyond repair (I was too upset to look at the car at the scene). Fortunately, the damage doesn't look that bad... we still have to wait and see what the mechanics say, but I am hopeful that everything will again be okay.
Oh, and the airbags never deployed. We didn't even notice until the police officer pointed it out. Should I be concerned? We definitely hit hard enough to deploy the airbags. Hyundai may be getting a strongly worded letter from this worried momma.