Now I Understand

These last few days have been a real struggle for me in the keeping-myself-together department. Ellington had her 2 month old shots and was a bit a lot fussy. She also did not want to sleep unless I was holding her which meant the house stayed dirty/unorganized and projects were put on hold.

It got me to thinking though... I was way too judgemental of mothers before I became one. I am sure this thought crosses the minds of all new mothers at some point.

Before I became a mother, I would think to myself "I would NEVER be one of those mothers who sleeps in the same room as her baby. My baby will sleep in her crib from day one!". HA! Now I understand. I tried to put Elli in her crib, I really did, but she I didn't last 2 minutes before I had to scoop her up and comfort the poor thing. What if I don't hear her cry at night? What if she wakes up and gets lonely? What if she rolls over and can't lift her head up to breath? What if she kicks her blanket off and gets cold? I know that all of these thoughts are irrational and I'm working on it. I am sure that I am not the first mom to tackle these questions.

Before I became a mother, I never understood why parents wouldn't let visitors take a peek at the baby during nap time. What's the big deal? Now I understand. The big deal is that nap time is 'mommy quiet time'. The big deal is that if that little one wakes up after 30 minutes of napping, the visitor gets to leave and mommy has to deal with a cranky tired baby for the rest of the day. I am sorry to every mommy who I pushed to wake up the baby early, so that I could see her/him!

Before I became a mother, I thought that it was ridiculous that a lot of moms couldn't keep the house straight or get up and dressed on time. I am SO SORRY if I ever thought this about you! Now I understand! I have gone several days without getting out of my pajamas and I have to admit a dirty little secret... I have even forgotten to brush my teeth on a few occasions (I mean - I've been out the door and on my way to the store before I remembered). I know, gross. As for the housework, let's just say that it's a great day when I get to clean the dishes and straighten things up before my husband gets home to take over. What's that thing called that sucks up dirt off the floor again? I will not protest if a certain little sister wants to drive her butt over here this weekend and clean/organize. :) Love you, Carney!

Whoever coined the phrase "Being a mother is the hardest job in the world" is absolutely right, but now I understand why we still do it despite all of the work. Who could not love that face?!