Getting My Body Back

It's time. I have been cleared by the doctor to start exercising. So, I guess that means that i should probably stop wearing my sweats 24/7 and just wear them to workout. My plan is to run in the morning while John and Ellington are still quietly sleeping. If that doesn't work, then I will try to get little 'e' out in the stroller two or three times a week.

I've never been an exercise person, but I really want to be. Maybe I will like it this time. Fortunately, I am already back to my pre-baby weight (thanks to nursing). Unfortunately, all of my muscle tone has turned into a jiggly mess.

Here's to finally sticking with an exercise plan and getting in shape! Has anyone accomplished the P90X plan? Did it work wonders?

I just needed to put this out in cyberspace to keep myself on track. I'll leave you with the only person in our family to stick to her daily exercises... it's tummy time :)