Weekly To Do List

So... I made this 'to do' list on Monday and NOTHING has been checked off. My goal today is to get things done and maybe cross off at least half of the chores on the list. Maybe I need a better system or maybe I just need to stop getting so distracted.

Here's the list:

*mail ALL thank you notes
*update blog Yay! One thing already accomplished :)
*clean closet
*make nursery pillow
*make liners for baskets
*update Elli's baby book
*reschedule doctor's appointment
*answer emails
*purchase items to make fort kit
*make 2 or 3 fort kits for gifts
*make April calendar
*find a job
*find a daycare for Ellington

Hopefully, half of these things will be off the list by tomorrow. I'm not too excited about the last two, but I'm going to have to face reality sooner or later. I choose later.

How do you plan / execute your 'to do' lists?