Ellington's Birth Day

On February 8th, 2011, an amazing little girl made her way into the world a week early. She is beautiful and perfect in every way and her family is so excited to finally meet her.

After finding out that I was already having contractions at a doctor's visit, I checked into the hospital Monday night. A few hours later, my contractions were unbelievably painful and I immediately asked for drugs. I really tried to wait on the epidural because I had it in my head that the pain was not that bad and I was just being wimpy. By Tuesday morning, the epidural was in and I was regretting not getting it any sooner (why did I just go through a night of pain and no sleep?).

I wasn't progressing and little Elli's heart rate dropped, so to the operating room I went. I have to admit that I cried when they said "c-section". Partly because I was scared of the major surgery and partly because I was a bit disappointed that my body wouldn't allow me to do this thing by myself.
At 5:49 pm, our beautiful (almost 8 pound) baby girl was born. She looks almost as tired as I was... it was a rough 22 hours for both of us.

We are both doing well, but surviving on VERY little sleep. I am forever grateful to all of the help we are getting from family and friends. From cooking meals to watching Ellington for a bit, I really appreciate all of the help. Thank You!