What's in a name?

I have had an entire list of boys and girls names lined up for my kids since college, but they all sounded awful once I knew they would be matched up with a real little person. I had to start all over and I suddenly felt a lot of pressure to pick the perfect unique name for my little girl.

With names like Malone, Quinn, and Carney, I didn't want to name my child some 'normal' little girl's name. I spent weeks searching my family tree for a good name, but it looked like my mom took all of the good ones. The leftovers were names like Edith, Ophelia, Gladys, Beddie, and Gertrude. All unique, but not necessarily a good kind of unique.

Finally, my mom got input from her cousins on Facebook and we found a fantastic family name: Ellington :) It's perfect! So her name will be Ellington (Elli) Yi. We have to wait on a middle name because it will be Korean and decided upon on the day she is born. I love her name, so don't tell me if you hate it. :)