What will she look like?

As soon as I found out about this little human inside me, I started daydreaming about her future. I didn't even think twice about what she would actually look like... the little girl in my dreams looked like a mini me. Then reality hit me that she may look nothing like me at all. John's Korean genes may be so dominant that it will look like I adopted a little Korean girl. :( I fear the day that someone asks me where I adopted my baby. What do you say? I'm the one carrying her around for months... why can't she look more like me than John?

My mom did point out an upside to her possibly dominant Korean traits. If she acts up in public, I can pretend like I am just the babysitter. :)

Fortunately, we got a good look at her in a recent ultrasound and it looks like she may have my nose and pouty lips. If she has my lips, John is in big trouble. One look at him with those pouty lips and sad eyes and she will have him wrapped around her little finger.

We are just going to have to wait until next month to find out what she will really look like. Can you believe that we only have 4 short weeks until she arrives?!