It's a New Year!

New Years came and went without a big celebration. I tried so hard to stay up until midnight, but I didn't quite make it. This may be what my New Year's Eve celebrations will look like from now on. Nine o'clock is the new midnight (when you have kids).

I only found out a few years ago that I never stayed up until midnight when I was little. My mom would tell us that it was midnight on New Year's Eve. We blew horns, threw confetti, and wound up noise makers! I remember having a blast and thinking I was a rebel for staying up so late, but then I recently found out that we were all in bed by 9 o'clock every New Year's Eve. I guess you have to tell your kids little white lies every now and then. ;)

The only big event for this weekend was a visit by John's parents. We ate a tradition New Year's dumpling meal and preyed for our new home. It was nice, but now I'm a little worried that we didn't have my family's traditional New Year's meal. Just because I didn't eat black eyed peas (luck), cooked greens (wealth), and cornbread with a penny hidden inside, does that mean I won't have a good year?