Last Christmas with just Two (3 counting Kogi)

As the months of waiting turn into weeks and pretty soon days before Baby Yi comes into this world, I have been quietly noticing the 'lasts' that we have had this year. This was our 'last' Christmas as a family of two. This may be my last year of getting gifts because my mom has always said that once a grandchild comes into the picture, Santa won't visit us anymore. It's all about the baby. This year, Christmas gifts have already been all about the baby and that's exactly what we need right now... babies are expensive!

I'm not really mourning over our 'lasts', it's just that I know that things will never be the same once Baby Yi makes her debut. I've spent most of this holiday season observing our sweet family traditions and daydreaming about what Christmas traditions we will pass on to our kids. I am already positive that we will keep my favorite childhood (& adulthood) tradition of opening 2 gifts Christmas Eve. One gift is always a Christmas book and the other is always a set of pajamas. John may not be too happy about this, but we will ALL be wearing matching pajamas next year. :)

As the holidays get wrapped up this year, I am trying to enjoy the little moments that we have left alone. It's harder than I thought it would be to live in the now and not look too eagerly into the future.

All that said... I can't wait for Baby Yi to arrive! Holidays are going to be so much more fun with a little one around.