Home Sweet Home - Durham Edition

We are back in North Carolina! After bouncing around from house to house for a few weeks, we have finally found a wonderful home in Durham. We found the house - signed a lease - and moved in already. By moved in I mean that all of our stuff is inside the house, but absolutely nothing is organized. The past few nights, I have dreamt of waking up with everything in it's place and pictures hung neatly on the walls. It's so much easier to dream about how you want to decorate, than to actually do it.

Everything will come together soon enough, but I have a special something to relieve the stress until the final picture is in place... A BATHTUB! I cannot describe the feeling of joy in my heart when I saw that big beautiful bathtub in the master bedroom. You see, our Birmingham condo only had a shower... which was great until I became pregnant. Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows how hard it gets to do simple things like bend over to shave.

Even after a full day of unpacking boxes, I would not give up my quest to take a bath. At about midnight, I climbed in and could have stayed all night. :) The simple pleasures of life.