Fears of Having a Girl

From the moment we found out that our little one was a little girl, I was thrilled. I kept telling people that 'I know girls'... it's having a boy that would be difficult. With two sisters and completely different personalities, I know all of the tricks and quirks. I know that the younger sisters will learn from their older sisters' mistakes, but they will still try to get away with everything using a 'smarter' strategy. I know that middle school and high school years will be difficult for EVERYBODY, but eventually sisters get along again and learn to share clothes. Most of all, I am pretty sure that I can figure out what is going on inside a girl's head because I am a girl. I was excited and confident that I had this raising a daughter thing down pat.

Then, the daydreaming started. I know that I should not have any expectations, but I started to think about my little girl's first day of school - first dance recital - first date. Pictures of all of my 'firsts' flooded in and I realized that I don't know the first thing about raising girl. I don't even know how to braid my own hair! Eeek! I guess I can always run to my mom for simple lessons in braiding hair, but what about the more complex things. Like what will I do when my daughter wants a cell phone at 13? And how am I supposed to give her advice about growing up mixed race?

Any tips on raising girls or is this a learn as you go process?