Nursery Ideas

Now that we know where we will be living for the next few years, I have become obsessed with designing the perfect nursery for our little girl. I want it to be fun and colorful, but affordable and removeable because we will be renting for the first year. Here are a few of my inspirations:

I am in love with the framed name on the wall. I've seen wooden letters hanging on nursery walls before, but the frame adds a little something unique and modern. I also love the lanterns hanging in the corner. We have leftover lanterns from our wedding that would be perfect for the new nursery.

Many rooms that I hve seen have these great wall decals that would be great for a rental space and I love the fabric covered canvas' (a cheap and easy decoration).

I love love love the scalloped paint job on the wall. That little detail just makes the room look perfectly feminine without overdoing it. I also love the whimsical homemade mobile. Yet another inexpensive and easy DIY project.

While I am not a huge fan of overly themed rooms, this nursery stood out because of all of the felt fish. The owner cut out and applied each felt fish to the wall of her rented house to make an eye catching art piece. Many hours of cutting, but no repainting or nail holes in the wall.

This nifty idea is an extremely easy way to add artwork to the nursery.

This wall decal makes my brain burst with creative ideas! I LOVE the idea of a patterend decal. Where can I buy one of these? I'm sure it is not in my nursery budget, but a girl can dream. :)