Mini-Vacay to Destin

This past weekend John surprised me with a weekend trip to Destin, Florida. It was my first trip to the gulf coast and I naively assumed that it would be like any other beach. However, the beaches on the gulf are so much prettier than the Carolina beaches where I spent my summers as a child.

The white sand beaches and clear blue sea was just what we both needed. A combination celebration of my birthday and John's completion of his dissertation. We spent a few hours on the beach, a few hours at the outlets, and some prego-friendly nighttime activity... gone are the days of partying until 2 am with the locals.

After a day on the beach, my heart started to call out for the shores of the Carolinas. Destin just doesn't compare to Wrightsville Beach. There were no seashells, which was nice at first because you didn't hurt your feet trying to find a spot to sit. Most of all, I couldn't smell the beach... does that make sense? There was no thick salty smell in the air that let you know you had arrived at the beach.

Destin was very relaxing and beautiful, but I can't wait to get back to the Carolinas and spend at least one weekend at the beach next summer.