My New Best Friend!

Okay, I know it's probably a little crazy. Lysol has become my new best friend this weekend. John came home with a cold, so I quickly exiled him to the bedroom and the desk area. I have heard / read the horror stories about how awful it is to be sick while pregnant, so I am taking no chances. I have sprayed every surface that he has touched and John thinks I am taking things a little too far. I do not agree.

You see, I take medicine for EVERYTHING. I probably over do it, but anytime I have a little pain or cough... medicine is there to save me. It is hard enough to go through a migraine with no Advil (thankfully, I have only had a few), but to go through a cold with no Zicam? I would rather be a crazy germ-a-phobe right now, than to get sick.