I'm keeping my figers crossed!

I can't begin to explain how excited I am about the possibility of moving back to North Carolina. I am trying hard to contain my excitement because this is really not my decision to make. Let me back up a little...

John is set to graduate in December and has started interviewing at various places. Last week he went to Charlottesville, VA to interview with UVA. Today, he just got back from Durham, NC. Even though he would be working for UNC's archenemy - Duke, I would love love love to live in Durham.

Aside from the lower cost of living/ familiarity of the area/ and still living in the south, we would be super close to family! I just don't see a downside... well, other than the Duke thing. All will be well though because I will represent Carolina every chance I get. There will be no Duke blue in this Carolina girl's closet!

Plus, there's a chance that my little one will be born in the same hospital where I was born 26 years ago.

I am trying not to influence John's decision too much. After all, our next move is all about jump starting his career in the science world. He still has visits with Chicago, MIT, and NIH. Until all of this is over I am keeping my fingers crossed and daydreaming to the tune of a certain sweet James Taylor song.