Is there anything that a Classic Coca-Cola can't cure?

Recently, I've had a few bad migraines and I am trying very hard not to cure them with meds. It has been rough, but I have the sweetest husband who will go get a Classic Coke at 10 pm. The first time I requested one, he brought back a can of Coke. :( Although I was grateful, it just wasn't the same as a Coke in a glass bottle. I tried to explain to him that it just taste different, but he wasn't convinced. Nevertheless, he found a store in Birmingham that sold classic Coke in a glass bottle and stocked up for next time.

I don't know if the secret is in the glass bottle itself or it just takes me back to a comfortable place where my grandpa would hand over a Coke in a glass bottle for the cure to a stomach ache. Nowadays, whenever I'm ill (headache/cough & cold/stomach ache), all I want is a Classic Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. It seems to cure all of my illnesses and reminds of simple times with my Papa.