Celebrating America's Independence with a bunch of Koreans

This weekend was spent driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway with the in-laws and John's Aunt & Uncle from Korea. It was beautiful and the semi-cool weather was a nice break to this heat lately. John's Aunt & Uncle had never been to America. So what better way to show them a good time, than a trip through North Carolina's gorgeous mountains during the 4th of July. Things didn't exactly turn out how I thought they would when we stopped to picnic at a park along the way. Many families were enjoying the weather and having a traditional American cookout, while we were eating Korean sushi and kimchi.

John's mom even packed a rice cooker because no Korean meal can go without rice.

So no hot dogs and hamburgers for this American girl on the 4th of July, but we had plenty of fun and enjoyed our freedom! We even enjoyed some gambling at the Cherokee casinos (my first time in the US & second time ever). John and I both lost our $15, but I guess it was cheaper than taking the Korean family members to Vegas for the weekend. :)