Websites that Save You Money!

I had heard about this website for a while, but I never looked it up because I thought it would just be another coupon website where I would be left sorting through the junk and wasting my time. However, my sister sent out an email with the link & a short explanation. I checked it out and found a GREAT deal for cupcakes at a local bakery. I love this site. Basically, you get an email update with the day's deal for the city of your choice and it cost nothing to sign up.

It seems like I have waited my whole life for someone to invent this website. is like a personal shopper for bargain hunters. I have never been one to search through cluttered clearance racks and find a great deal. I always end up getting frustrated and heading towards the neatly folded table of full priced merchandise. This website not only finds the great deal, but it's FREE. You sign up and decide when you want to recieve your SaleMail, pick your favorite designers & list your sizes. They do all the hard work.

I hope you check out these great sites. What are your favorite money saving websites?