Things to Accomplish during my 26th Year!

I was going to write 26 things to accomplish this year, but I have some major things on my list (for me) and I didn't want to set myself up for failure. So here are 10 things that I plan on checking off my life list :)

  1. Start my own business!
  2. Finally eat healthy on a regular basis.
  3. Exercise for fun (i always dred exercising).
  4. Start painting again.
  5. Cook more and eat out less.
  6. Plan a REAL vacation (on budget, of course).
  7. Stop watching so much TV.
  8. Get rid of anything I haven't used / worn in a year.
  9. Start a baby fund (hopefully my husband won't run & hide if he reads this).
  10. Save up to buy a 2nd car.
So, there is my list. I am so glad that I am not trying to do 26 things! I will hopefully revisit this next year with every item checked off. :)