H1N1 Virus Concerns

Recently, my GodSister was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus (or Swine Flu). She is in the ICU and on an oscillating respirator as of this morning. Please keep her in your prayers and protect yourself from getting the H1N1 virus.

If you are anything like me, you probably never thought that the Swine Flu was any different from the regular seasonal flu. Unfortunately, the Swine Flu affects each person in a different way. My younger sister even had the Swine Flu last month and is slowly getting over all of the complications left behind from the flu (pneumonia, bronchitis, viral infection of the lungs, pleurisy). She felt really ill, but did not have to be hospitalized.

Please be aware of the following things you can do to prevent the H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) from spreading:

1. Get the H1N1 Virus VACCINE!
2. WASH YOUR HANDS often (or use hand sanitizer).
3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
4. Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
5. If you feel ill, STAY HOME!
6. Cover your nose & mouth when you sneeze or cough.

STAY HEALTHY & Please pray for my GodSister - Rebecca McAdams!