Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Casey!

On October 10, 2009 Pat Casey & Julie Fulp got married! They are the cutest pair. Pat is one of John's fraternity brothers and I spent a lot of time hanging out with Julie (& Pat) on all of the fraternity formals to the beach / mountains. In fact, Pat finds a way to get in EVERY picture I have of John and me (see example below).
Anyway, the reception was fantastic! The food was delicious & it didn't hurt that there was an open bar. Give people free alcohol and they'll love any party! However, I would have loved this party even if there wasn't a drop of wine. They had these amazingly delicious mini crab cakes and I could have gobbled up that entire cake. Julie and Pat are absolutely perfect for each other. I know they will bring each other joy for years to come.


John & Pat Celebrate

John & Sarah get their dance on!