Sweet Home Alabama!

This weekend I went back to North Carolina to see family & friends for the first time in about three months and I have finally given in to the fact that Alabama is now my home.

I guess I had this romanticised idea that I would come home (to Charlotte) to hugs and kisses, get a few updates, and reminisce about past adventures. However, this was not in God's plan. Friends had to squeeze me in their busy schedules and family seemed just as busy with life's unexpected predicaments. I felt more like an inconvenient chore than a welcomed surprise.

I have to believe that this is God's way of saying I have to move on. Life keeps moving and people change. There certainly is no pause button for life that will allow me to pick up where I left off a few months back. I have realized that I have been clinging on so tightly to my life in Charlotte that I really have not given Birmingham much of a chance.

I think it's time to put my big girl pants on and take a little advise from my Aunt Shelia. I am switching everything to Alabama (driver's licence, voter registration, phone number?). I am now a Birminghamian or Alabamian or Alabaman! I have to figure out just how you say that one.

It is sad to close this chapter of my life, but I am excited to start the next. I can now move on with my whole heart invested in my new life in Birmingham. Pretty soon, you may hear me say that 'Birmingham is the best city in the world!' ... Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.