Who Decided to Ride a Bus up the Coast of Korea?

From serene rice fields to endless pots of kimchi baking in the sun, the perfect way to experience the traditional Korean lifestyle was Andong Hahoe Village. The village is inhabited by less than 500 people who are dedicated to preserving the history and traditions of Korea.
In the middle of the village, sits a 600 year old tree that is said to bring luck in the fertility department to those who visit the tree.
The bus ride to our hotel in Seorak was long, but entertaining. They had karaoke on the bus, but John and I did not give it a try this time. We rode the the train before finally arriving at the hotel and saw the beautiful and undisturbed coastline of northern South Korea. John even won a picture frame during the bingo game on the train.
Before heading to bed, John stopped in a small dried food store and picked up some dried fish. It smelled horrible, but I was certainly thankful that he did not choose to buy a dried stingray or dried squid. Yuck!