Remember the Same Rules Apply in Korea as They Do in America... Stay Out of the NORTH!

This blog title is actually a bit of advice from my older sister, Malone. :) Thanks!
The day started off with a cable car ride up Mount Seorak. This mountain is mostly for serious hikers and you can spend days hiking to the true mountain summit. We cheated a little and took the tourist side up the mountain to a mini summit. I climbed to the top after a little encouragement from a little boy who assured me that it was not that scary. Meanwhile, John stayed at the bottom of the mini summit to take pictures. That little boy lied because it was very scary, but I made it to the top!

Before heading back to Seoul, we stopped by the border of North & South Korea. Surprisingly, nobody was fearful of the North Koreans even though they shot off 4 test missiles early this morning. I think that they were aiming for Hawaii, so we were okay.

North and South Korea were separated by two simple metal fences and the "no-man's land" in between has become a thriving wildlife sanctuary. It's strange to find such peace and beauty in the land dividing 2 countries that still have unresolved conflicts after all these years. I was very surprised to learn that South Korea is still openly hopeful that one day the 2 Korea's will not only resolve their issues, but join to be one country.

South Korea has gone so far as to erect giant statues of both the Goddess of Mercy and the Virgin Mary in a bid to help with the unification process. Maybe in my lifetime we will see the fences come down and the border disappear. However, for now I will stick to my sister's advice and stay out of the North!