Our Last Day in Seoul

We were exhausted, but we wanted to squeeze in a few sightseeing adventures around Seoul before leaving South Korea. We tried to go shopping for all of the counterfeit items you hear about, but I didn't really see anything that looked like the real deal. Plus, it was very crowded and a little sketchy.
We also stopped by Cheonggyecheon Stream, a peaceful place to walk in the middle of a bustling city. The stream used to be a natural water source where people would go to bathe and wash clothes. As the city developed, the stream was covered with concrete and became an eyesore filled with trash and waste water. In 2005, a project was completed to restore Cheonggyecheon Stream to it's natural free flowing state. At night, the stream is lit up with colorful lights and crowds of people to see the water fountain show along the stream.

At night we visited Seoul Tower that allows you to view the entire city. It was especially beautiful with the city all lit up at night. My last stop was to see a movie at the World Cup Stadium. Yes, there is a movie theater in the stadium. It is no longer used for games or even concerts. The entire place looks like a soccer stadium, but it has turned into a retail shopping center with a 24 hour grocery store inside. I could never see something like this happening in America, but it was a very neat way to repurpose the building.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION! The video below is what John did after I went to bed. He hit the midnight food vendors with his cousin and ate live octopus! (Gag!) I know... I don't understand why he would want to do it either.