Karaoke Time!

We spent most of the day roaming the streets of Seoul and taking in the energy of the fast-paced city.  At night, we had a nice Korean dinner with many of John’s cousins and some of his dad’s best friends in Seoul.  

One of John’s cousins convinced us to go out with him to a Karaoke bar.  It was a very different atmosphere than most karaoke bars in America.  You rent out a room and everyone just eats, drinks, and sings for hours.  John’s cousin picked out an American song for us to sing... the Backstreet Boys!  Hahaha!  Fortunately, nobody got video or pictures of us singing.  Maybe next time.

Only 4 hours until we have get on a plane for Jeju island!  Ahhhhh!  When can we finally get some sleep?  Again... I need my beauty rest!