Goodbye Jeju, Hello Busan!

It’s raining again, but I’m all smiles because I had a yummy American breakfast!  We spent our last hours at a traditional Korean village before leaving Jeju.  The old way of doing things on the island does not sound too appealing.  Basically the woman works in the fields, cooks the food, cleans the house, while still taking care of the kids and her husband.  ‘What does the man do all day?’  Well, he lounges around the house and doesn’t lift a finger because he is supposed to be the king of the household.  Yeah... this is totally not happening in my household!  You got that John!

We are now in Busan, on the mainland.  I am happy to be safely on the ground.  The flight was crazy turbulent.  I really thought that we were going to have to make a water landing!  When we got to the hotel, I wanted to relieve some stress from the flight.  So... we went to the casino.  It was my first time in a casino and we decided only to spend $10.  I don’t know anything about the games, so we stuck to slots.  Luck & maybe my grandpa (he loved Las Vegas) must have been on my side because we won $35!  Yay!