A Few More Things I've Learned About Korea

  1. Public restrooms have no toilet paper inside the stall...  you better not forget to grab some before you go into the stall.
  2. Older Korean women DO NOT wan to be tan.  They wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, white gloves, large rimmed hats, and carry around umbrellas.  Even in 85 degree weather!
  3. Just like America, Korea has a Starbucks on nearly every corner in the city.  However, wherever there is a Starbucks there is also an Outback Steakhouse.  The must come as a combo deal.
  4. You cannot find decaffeinated coffee or soda anywhere!  That might be why Koreans are always full of energy!
  5. Koreans may also be energetic all the time because they LOVE coffee!  They serve it at every meal whether you ordered it or not and coffee vending machines are everywhere.
  6. Couples in Korea really like to match.  We have seen several couples with not only matching shirts, but also matching shorts/pants and cell phone cases.  John & I are currently searching for our couple’s outfit.  Hahaha!
  7. Koreans really like cell phone charms.  Almost everyone has one and they are sold everywhere.  Don’t worry... I’ll bring plenty home for everyone to take as a souvenir.
  8. Nearly every Korean has a huge GPS system in their car that can play movies & TV shows.
  9. There is a moped delivery guy for almost every restaurant in the larger cities... I even saw a McDonald's delivery guy.
  10. Most Korean people buy condos, not houses.  Even the country (rural) areas have several 10 story condo complexes.  Not many people live in houses anymore.