Carolina on my Mind...

I miss North Carolina! I knew that I would, but I didn't know that it was going to be this hard to move away from home. John has been very patient as I try to get use to living outside of the Charlotte bubble. He even brought home flowers last week to surprise me!

Moving away from your comfort zone is never easy! The big reasons why I miss the Tarheel State are familiar to anyone who is away from their hometown... family, friends, knowing my way around. Surprisingly, I have found that the simplest of things are what I miss the most.

I miss being a short drive from the beach, the mountains, and the lake!

I miss not knowing the TV channels down here! I know it sounds weird, but I knew all of the channels in Charlotte (Bravo 37, MTV 43, VH1 42, ABC/NBC/CBS 2 or 4 or 6, Food Network 55). PLUS - we have HDTV, so there are way to many channels to remember. I know... boo hoo hoo.

I miss listening to KISS 95.1, 96.1 the BEAT, 96.9 the KAT, POWER 98 (97.9) on the radio!

I miss the local news! What's going on in Charlotte today-tomorrow-this weekend? I want to know! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big new junkie.

I miss always having someone to meet up with at night! I don't even bring my phone out anymore because I know I can't just call up someone that I haven't seen in a while to meet me downtown. Anyone want to move to Birmingham to keep me company?

I miss not knowing the local spots to show people why I love the city where I live! Everyone knows that the local places are the best!

I miss Harris Teeter! This is another strange one, but all they have in Alabama are Publix - Piggly Wiggly - and Western Market.

I really miss meeting someone new and instantly connecting because we have a mutual friend or we went to rival high schools or something similar.

Birmingham is not a bad city to live in at all, but it's no Charlotte!